Mary’s Home Maryland

Reflections on the first three months of Mary’s Home

Everything is exciting and new! The team support of volunteers and generous donors, all coming together to furnish two beautiful homes.

Accepting our first residents, all so unique and with their own stories to tell.

Recruiting such a talented and skilled team of volunteers, each one contributing uniquely to our tapestry of service.

The support of our community, our donors, our partners, and the good will in abundance that is so apparent and so humbly appreciated.

Feeling the profound feeling of serenity and goodness in both homes after the Prayer Meetings.

The delight of looking forward to every morning , knowing that good things are going to happen with this mission of serving expectant mothers and babies.

Gratitude and joy during the Blessings of the Homes, presided by Arch Bishop Lori, local priests, donors, our founders, and all those who deeply believe in the sanctity of life, who came to celebrate together.

The best- seeing our moms to be , laughing and sharing, feeling safe , knowing they have found a home with Mary’s Home.

God Bless everyone for their love, care, and commitment to Mary’s Home!

With a thankful heart,

Kimberley Roche
Executive Director