Mary’s Home Maryland


Mary’s Home offers our sincere thanks to the continued generosity of the following benefactors from our 2018 “Hold On To Love” Gala:


Our Heavenly Cause Foundation


Michael and Kathy Mellott


Sal and Carol Dunn

HTI Contractors

The Elizabeth Streb Peroutka Foundation

John McKenna

Jim and Sabina Armshaw

John and Linda Migliore

Thomas Sr. and Linda McCabe

The Cunningham Foundation

Douglas and Diane Iannarino

Jeff and Shauna Iannarino

John and Ginny Sniezek

Richard and Joan Farrell

Matthew Pfau


Peter and Lori Schenk

Roberta Kelly

Tim and Debbie Keane

Lawrence and Harriet Teixeira

Bill and Patricia Babcock

Jackie Everett

Cele and Wes Daub

Erin Iturriaga

Henry and Lois Nejfelt

Dan and Meg Foeckler

Stephen and Lauren Murray

John and Linda Migliore

Joe and Debbie Matta

Tom Lauer

And a special thank you to all of our donors. We could not save babies and change lives without your support!