Mary’s Home Maryland

Our Ministry


Mary’s Home staff, volunteers, and board members work diligently to provide a safe environment for pregnant women and their children, who are in need.

Mary’s Home provides a structured program designed to assist these women in providing stability and a healthy lifestyle for their children, seeking education and occupational opportunities, and building a strong family unit.

 We come together to encourage the unity of the family in a holistic setting with a program designed to foster independence and confidence in the future. Our women are expected to embrace education and employment; to this end, there is a structured program to be adhered to in their visit with us. Each mother must receive counseling, parenting classes, pursue daily living skills, and be willing to work towards independence and self-reliance.

Pre-natal care, infant health care, and health care for all of their children is required.

We are blessed with staff, volunteers, and mentors to support and encourage each mother and child. No mother should have to go it alone, and we are here to walk with her on her journey through motherhood.

Our Mission

Mary’s Home is a pro-life ministry, with Catholic values, whose mission is to provide a program of services for expectant mothers, and their children who are in crisis.

Our Vision

Mary’s Home will provide support and guidance in a Christ-centered program designed to assist pregnant mothers in crisis to become self-sufficient and independent, so they may grow in confidence and dignity and plan for a healthy, independent, and sustainable future.