Mary’s Home Maryland

The Mary’s Home Team

Michael PfauCo-founder, President of the Board

Michael is a devout Catholic, CEO, philanthropist, and loving husband and father of five children. After pioneering a successful homebuilding company with his wife for over three decades and raising their children together, Michael decided to enjoy semi-retirement by creating a dual-ministry non-profit organization called Living Waters for Christ Inc., which is dedicated to strengthening families and cultivating faith-filled communities. Mary’s Home has always been a dream for Michael and his wife, Mary Therese, and he feels blessed to be a part of a very dedicated and inspired pro-life community.

Mary Therese PfauCo-founder

Mary Therese – Michael’s loving wife and business, philanthropy, and parenting partner of 40 years – has been a pro-life advocate from the beginning. For 10 years, she and Michael worked with the pregnancy center in Columbia and welcomed expectant mothers into their family home. With a degree in Biology and a perpetual desire to learn, she is always discovering new projects and hobbies, when she is not busy tending to her grandchildren. Mary Therese is a generous, driven, and fiercely strong mother and woman, who believes that – with patience, determination, and a good sense of humor – you can accomplish great things.

Kimberley RocheExecutive Director

With twenty five years in the field of social services and behavioral mental health, Kimberley was recruited from Virginia to design and coordinate services for Mary’s Home. Previously, Kimberley oversaw an initiative in the Tidewater area of VA that coordinated health care services for uninsured patients, managing a nine million dollar budget, serving 7,500 patients. She ran a medication access program at a free healthcare clinic, advocating for patients to receive chronic medications. In Pittsburgh, PA. Kimberley was the Program Director of a homeless shelter that became a model for homeless families to succeed and prosper. She is an entrepreneur, having owned a small business in the recent past, and she believes in the command to help others first with loving kindness and commitment. A staunch pro life advocate, at times a maverick, devoted to her faith, empathetic, with a focus on empowering women, youth, and children, Kimberley has focused always on the service of others.

Abigail PfauDirector of Development, Media Coordinator

Abigail, a Mount de Sales alumna, recently graduated summa cum laude from Flagler College with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Criminology, she is well versed in Child Development and her faith. As an adoptee, the youngest of five children, and a Catholic – who has resided in the greater Baltimore area for the vast majority of her life, she strongly believes in reinvigorating the city and strengthening its sense of community and family. Recently graduated and soon to be married, Abbie looks forward to all of her new adventures, but especially to the opportunity to help families and empower women and children through this new ministry.